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Ferry Services in the Mediterranean 

Let’s Ferry partnering shipping companies provide great Ferry and Ocean Cruise services in the South of Europe and the Mediterranean.

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Ferry Services around the World

For your ferry travels in and around Europe, Africa, America (including the Carribeans), Asia and Australia, check DirectFerries for interesting packages.

The services provided by many partnering companies of DirectFerries give customers the taste of sea adventures.

Direct Ferries




Skyscanner flight platform ensures that you get the best guaranteed price by providing you an opportunity to compare fares from different travel sites. 


Airport Parking 

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Airport Transfers 

You may choose to take holiday from driving also.

If that is your choice, Hoppa Airport transfers is handy to provide you shuttle services of your choice. Either from your house to the airport as you set out on holiday and return you home when you arrive from your holiday.

Or at the destination of your holiday, Hoppa drivers are always available to bring you from the airport to your hotel and also return you to the airport from the hotel at the end of your holiday.

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Interrail – Train Travel Services all Over Europe

Enjoy train travel within Europe at reduced prices with interrail.  Interrail tickets gives you an opportunity to explore most major cities in Europe. 

There are many exciting travel packages with Interrail which include low fare hostels and bus services in some participating Countries.



Hotel Booking, being the leading online booking website offers great value bookings in very good locations around the world.

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Cruise Holiday

Enjoy great cruise holiday moments with leading cruise holiday providers around the world at cheap prices.

With Booking Buddy, there is always the opportunity to compare prices from different provider. There is  also a wide range of cruise holiday packages available on the platform.




Activities and Events – Attractions

For events and activities in Los Angeles, Rome, Spain, Dubai and many other locations around the world,  Attractions Tickets gives you opportunity to book in advance.

With Attractions Tickets, there is something to look forward to doing during your holiday.

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Car Hire have a number of great names in the car hire industry on their list. By that, stands in a better position to cater for your car hire needs anywhere, anytime.

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Multi Currency Borderless Account

With so many currencies all over the world, spending money in different locations require foreign exchange transactions through banks which could be cumbersome and expensive.

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