is the best online hotel booking website?

Without a shadow of doubt, is the best online booking website. I intend to present here many aspects of the operation of the website that makes it stand out as the best online booking website.

Although this piece is to showcase the characters of that makes it tower higher than every other provider of online booking service in the industry, may I quickly make mention of some other complimentary services that help to make your use of a complete one. These are:

1. Car Hire

2. Ferry Service

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3. Borderless Multi-Currency Account

Sometimes, going from one location to another on holiday requires changing currencies from one to another. With an organisation that is a leading global technology company that offers its services to over 5 million people around the world, you can open a borderless account where you can transfer money easier, cheaper and faster than the conventional banks.

Features of the borderless Multi-Currency account include:

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  3. Multi currency debit card
  4. Easy, faster and cheaper rate of transfer from one currency to another and from one account to another.

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Back to our focus. A search on the google search engine by whatever parameter returns as no.1 out of the ten best online hotel booking websites and that is my main attraction to the service on offer on this website.

I have been a registered user of the website for about 10 years and I have personal experiences which will inform and aid my comments and critique of the services on offer on this online hotel booking site.

I am aware that was launched sometimes in 1996 and was registered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since its launch, has expanded from mere hotel booking website to include other related services into its operation.

Services and Offers

Services came into being to meet the increasing need by people who are involved in holidays and events planning. Today, the website has grown from being a place for booking hotel rooms to a one-stop shop where services ranging from flights, accommodation, airport taxis and car rentals can be booked all in one.

Price Comparison

Because of increasing awareness and needs of the average customers, people want places where they will get good service, with relative ease and an affordable price. meets all these demands by making it possible for average visitors to the website to compare prices of all available accommodation, their specific locations and distance to the nearest airport, all in on one webpage.

Global Availability

The services of the website is only a click away and can be used for services in any part of the world. The coverage of the providers of accommodation and customer base confirms the wide acceptance of the website which has come to establish itself as the leader in the industry. is truly a global service with a robust customer support that operates round the clock (24/7) in 43 languages.

Other Perks

Registration: The online room booking website is available to everyone. attracts people and seek to sustain their loyalty by offering exclusive room rates to registered users.

Genius – A loyalty programme: Among the registered members, there also exists categorisation where frequent users are put in a programme where they are identified as genius. This group is further classified as genius 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 depending how frequently the individuals book facilities on the website.

This is shown by the yellow arrow in the picture above.


Upon registration, opens an internal communication channel where message are sent to the registered user on the personal dashboard as shown with the red arrow in the screen shot

This personalise messages includes reminders regarding hotel bookings, suggested activities during your stay and places of interest (with a brief story on the landmarks) being suggested for a visit.

Revenue opportunities for those who can networks – Refer friends and earn

Not only will this ensure loyalty of customers, it is also aimed at increasing their share of the market.

Feelers from users of the website

Reading a review by customers of the website brings about mixed feelings. In spite of all the goodies offered by the “best online hotel booking website”, there appears to be area requiring the attention of the managers of the site.

 Customer satisfaction

A good number of the reviewers did not appreciate their experiences with the website. Although many of these complaints were mis-directed as they were about experiences with and at the accommodation.

For example, there was a particular one about the uncleanness of the room. I personally do not agree that should take responsibility for how the room is maintained on daily basis as this is the responsibility of the owners and keepers of the facilities. Of course, has to set standards for enlisting accommodation facilities and ensure that there are mechanisms to ensure adherence.

One huge area is the posture and response of the staff on phone. In my almost 10 years with, I have had an opportunity of calling once. I booked a hotel through the website and paid and when I called the hotel to confirm the details of the booking, I was told that I needed to pay as my payment from had not reached them. I paid and later called for a refund which I got about 4 days after.

Assurance of a better future with “the best online hotel booking website”

Just like every aspect of human endeavour, managers of are on top of the complaints and day-in-day-out, improvements are being introduced in how things are done.

Compared to other websites where there are complaints of people getting duped, is established, having being around for a long time. has evolved and survived competition. The website is poised to leap in strides.

By my long-standing experience of using the website, I will unreservedly recommend, the no.1 online hotel booking website, not just for booking holiday accommodation but also flights, car rentals and airport taxi services.

Complimentary Service – Car Hire partners with the world’s biggest online car rental service. This arrangement involve over 900 companies in 160 countries. is a group of 8 car hire companies that are making cars available to customers in over 60,000 locations worldwide. There is that right car for you and your required location and at the right price.




Complimentary Service – Ferry Services and Boat Cruises

These services are offered independent of by Let’s Ferry

Let’s Ferry is regarded as an award-winning, online booking platform for sea travel and is based in Greece.

Let’s Ferry has about 20 shipping companies listed on its website and customers are at liberty to choose from these highly rated companies. There is a variety of routes within and around the mediterranean that are being serviced. The specific routes, duration and other necessary information are available on the website.

On regular basis, there are different OFFERS being given by the participating companies for the benefit of the customers.

Give yourself a treat and join one of the cruises. You will be glad you did.




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