Catalogue of Holiday Essentials



Just before you go, Check the Catalogue of Holiday Essentials


This catalogue of holiday essentials is put together as a checklist to remind you when packing to go on holiday

This is because, most times people going on holiday usually forget to include one item or another in their luggage as they prepare to go on holiday.

At other times, the usefulness and need of some basic items are not considered serious when packing. Only for the need of these items to arise in environments where they may not be available or quite expensive to buy.

We have put together here, the catalogue of holiday essentials to aid your packing.

Here are some basic items considered necessary that should be included in the holiday luggage.

Also, other items that we considered to be of help in making the holiday a joyous one are also included.

So, as you are planning or just before you go, check the catalogue of holiday essentials

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Holiday Clothes

Holidays clothes to pack will depend mainly on a number of factors ranging from the kind of holiday, known or anticipated weather conditions at the destination and expected activities during the holiday.

Holiday clothes will be presented here according to their usage during the holiday. The clothes will be categories into 5 main areas which will be Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Babies.


Playsuits are simple dresses that are usually worn casually. Play suits are great for all holiday occasions.


Women Playsuits and Footwear

Girls Playsuits and Footwear
Extra Earrings and pieces of Jewellery for Mummy and the Girls

Something for the Babies

 Playsuits and Shoes for Men



Boys Playsuits and Shoes



Jumpsuits are other category of casual wear that may be needed during holiday depending on the plan of events during the holiday and the location.

Jumpsuits for Women

Jumpsuits for Men



SwimSuits and Beach Clothes

Swimsuits, Beach clothes and Bikinis may also be included depending on the holiday destination and itineraries.

Swimsuits are suitable for watersports such as swimming and diving. If you anticipate to have watersports, particularly diving, during your holiday, a swimsuit will be necessary to include in your luggage.

Swim wear for women

Swim Trunks for Men

Extra Clothing for Everyone

It is usually advisable to have extra clothing for everyone.

You never know.


Pyjamas/Pajamas, Night Wear and Socks

For a good night sleep, night wear and pajamas are necessary items. These come in different shapes and sizes and it is better to go with what you are comfortable wearing when going to bed.


Extra pairs of socks will also be handy, most especially for the younger ones



Hair Care

Hair care for everyone during the holiday is important.


Men would need the shaving kit and it’s always advisable to have the shaving materials that the skin has adapted to. Other items such as combs, hair brushes etc may be good to have handy.



Naturally women requires more to maintain the beauty of the hair.

Travel Shampoo and Conditioner

These bottles come handy to help you hold shampoo from home through the airport checking while going on holiday.

Hair Clips and Curlers

Hair Dryer and Straightener


Hair Bobbles and Bows

Because of the sizes of these items, people easily forget them when packing for holiday. For women, these items can be desperately needed at times during holiday.



Body Care

Other items that should not be forgotten when packing for your holiday will include body care items which should include toothbrushes, toothpaste, body cream, sun cream, etc.




As you pack for the holiday, if you are on medication, it is very important that you stock enough medication to last you more days than the days of the holiday booked.

On an holiday, you may end up spending more days than planned due to circumstances caused by nature or human beings, that is why it is expedient to have your medication well stocked before you go on holiday.


Health Insurance Cards

Remember to have your health insurance card handy and if you are a European travelling to another EU country, you can obtain or update your old European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or E111 Card at the designated office.

If you are an Irish citizen, you can apply for the EHIC or E111 or update your old card here  before going away.



Also ensure you have a valid travel insurance


Mini First Aid Kit

A mini first aid kit fit for purpose. This makes it possible for you to take care of minor health situations most especially where children are involved.


Goggles and Sunglasses

Goggles and sunglasses are essential to protect the eyes from splashes and sun rays in sunny environments. Holidays that include sunbathing at the beach will definitely require a pair sun glass. At the least.



Village Hats

Village hats come in different shapes and sizes for different holiday occasions. While some are for fashion, some others serve the purpose of shade from the sun and they can be complementary to sunglasses in many cases.

Men Village Hats

Women Village Hats


Bum Bag

Bum bags are necessary travel accessory. Because of the uniqueness of their designs, bum bags help to keep small items such as credit cards, passport and mobile phones safe.

Some bum bags are designed in a way that the part where the belongings are kept deliberately rest on the chest of the person wearing it. They are generally designed with the security of belongings in mind.



Camera and Camcorder

Holidays come with great and memorable scenes and activities that deserve to be kept, therefore a camera will be handy to have around. Although, many phones come with very photography and video recording facilities, the need of a camera and a camcorder are required to capture and record some events and activities at times.



Hand held Smartphone Gimbals

The Smartphone gimbals makes filming more interesting. You can have a selfie anywhere and anytime with the gimbals and it makes filming convenient. This simple utensils come in various sizes and shapes and are really helpful to record events during the holiday.




Phone charger is one of the item that people mostly forget when packing because many at times it will still be in use while the packing is ongoing.



Plug Adapters

Plug adapters are another basic necessity on holiday because the sockets to plug the chargers to differ from one location to another.

It is advisable to have the universal plug adapter that can be plugged to any socket which can then be used to charge appliances regardless of the type. Although the USB phone chargers are becoming more commonly used, yet there are still some places that have only the conventional sockets installed.



Power Bank

Power banks are becoming necessary these days. Most especially during holiday when the phone is in use for so long not just for the conventional calling and messaging but much more for taking photographs and video recording of events.



USB Cables

The use of USB cables is on the increase because of the ease of use and the availability of USB points on many appliances such desktop, laptops, plane seats, etc. Charging and recharging the phone is easier when you having on you a USB cable.

The USB cable can also be used to transfer photographs and video from your phone to the laptop or any other device that is USB compatible.





Fitbits are devices that is fast becoming necessary. A fitbit is good to check and monitor the general health of the user while on holiday. Basic health check such as blood pressure, sugar level, heart rate etc.

More advanced fitbits have apps that can be used to hold money and make payments.

Please check here for more on Fitbits.


Travel Pillows

The Travel pillow is essentially helpful on long flights. It helps to balance your head and neck particularly when you take a nap during flights. A Travel pillow provides comfort and safety for you and the persons sitting beside you in the plane. It eases your travel experience and make the journey a pleasurable one.



There are different sizes of luggage bags. The choice of which to use for the purpose of your holiday will depend on a lot of factors which may include; number of days the holiday is, the weight allowance given by the airline or what you are prepared to pay to check in a bag and how light you want to travel.

There are different types of luggage bags. Some are specially made with light materials to give user the opportunity to have more items in the bag than others.



Tampering with travelers luggage bags is among thefts being reported around the world these days and as such it is important to ensure that your luggage bags are well secured at all times. So a luggage bag lock may be handy.



Most airlines are now taking the matter of luggage weights serious by penalizing travelers who contravene the provision for luggage weight allowance with fines.

Because of that it is necessary to always weigh your luggage as you pack. Doing this saves you the hassles and unnecessary fines at the airport.

This catalogue of holiday essentials is put together to help your planning so that the holiday will be enjoyable and memorable. It is our hope that you find it helpful.

Please leave your comments on the box below. Your comments will be well appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Catalogue of Holiday Essentials”

  1. This is a very good reminder. I remember when I traveled without my shaving kit, it was not fun as I couldn’t get a hair barber at the time I wanted it.

    Getting a bum bag is a great idea to consider and yes power bank, I try to have that one always as I am so fond of my phone all the time.

    Also, getting a phone charger is advisable, to avoid depriving others who might have to lend you theirs.

    The catalogue is so complete and yes a body towel and handkerchiefs as well.
    Thanks, Segun

    1. Many thanks James.
      Those little things can cause big hassles if not well taken care of.

      I hope it will help many.

      I am grateful for your time to give this encouraging comment.
      Best of luck to you.


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