Hanukkaba 2018 Holiday Shopping Guide

What to bring to the holiday season: 1.

Holiday shopping: Buy a gift for someone you love.

This means buying something to give to someone you’re looking forward to spending time with.2.

Clothing: Buy clothes for someone who’s going to wear them for a long time.3.

Shoes: Buy shoes for someone to wear forever.4.

Gifts: Take a picture of someone you like and post it on Instagram.5.

Pets: Take pictures of your pet and post them on Instagram for a little extra cash.6.

Books: Read books.7.

Gifts and decor: Buy holiday gifts for your friends and family.8.

Books and books: Read about the holidays and take a picture.9.

Electronics: Buy electronic gadgets for someone.10.

Music: Buy music for someone and post on Instagram to show off your appreciation for their favorite music.11.

Jewelry: Buy jewelry for someone with a special gift for you.12.

Home decor: Build a custom home for your loved one.13.

Home décor: Buy home décor to decorate your home.14.

Gift cards: Give away your gift cards to a friend.15.

Movies: Check out your favorite movies.16.

Pet supplies: Buy pet supplies for someone else.17.

Travel: Buy travel insurance for a friend and family member.18.

Travel insurance: Get insurance for your family member when traveling.19.

Holiday gifts: Buy gift cards and coupons for someone they care about.20.

Holiday movies: Buy new movies for your favorite holiday movies.21.

Holiday cooking: Buy cooking supplies for your pet.22.

Holiday crafts: Buy decorations for your dog.23.

Home improvements: Build new rooms for your home with materials that are safe to use.24.

Holiday decorations: Create a special room for your pets for the holidays.25.

Home health and safety: Get your family prepared for the holiday.26.

Thanksgiving Day gifts: Give a special Thanksgiving gift to someone special.27.

Thanksgiving dinner: Eat turkey at home for dinner.28.

Christmas: Buy gifts for someone special, or get a gift card for a specific person.29.

Thanksgiving gift cards: Buy your own Thanksgiving gift card and put it in your account.30.

Christmas party favors: Make a Christmas party favor for someone, or buy them a present.31.

Thanksgiving tree: Build and decorate a tree.32.

Christmas tree: Decorate a tree with gifts for friends and loved ones.33.

Christmas gifts: Create holiday gifts that you want to give people for the Christmas season.34.

Thanksgiving parties: Get the most out of Thanksgiving with parties.35.

Christmas parties: Build your own Christmas party for your guests.36.

Thanksgiving party favors and decorations: Decorate a holiday party for friends or family members.37.

Christmas gift cards, Christmas parties and Christmas party gifts: Get a Christmas gift card to give as a gift.38.

Thanksgiving gifts and decorations for friends: Build holiday decorations for the family for the Thanksgiving season.39.

Christmas carols: Get holiday carols for your carol group.40.

Thanksgiving music: Buy songs to play with your friends or have them sing them at your holiday party.41.

Thanksgiving carols and decorations with special songs: Buy Christmas carol songs.42.

Thanksgiving decorations: Get decorations for yourself, your family and your friends for the Holiday season.43.

Christmas and New Years gifts: Make Christmas and Thanksgiving a special time to get gifts for loved ones for the year.44.

New Years gift cards for family members: Get Christmas gift credit for family member or friend.45.

Christmas presents: Make presents for someone for the New Years holiday season.46.

New Year’s gifts and presents for a loved one: Give the gift of Christmas to a loved-one.47.

Christmas trees: Build Christmas trees.48.

Christmas lights: Build lights for your tree.49.

Christmas decorations: Make decorations for Christmas.50.

Christmas events: Celebrate the holidays in your home or with a friend or family member for the first time.51.

Christmas music: Celebrated Christmas songs for the new year.52.

Christmas light show: Get lights for a Christmas light shows.53.

Christmas food: Enjoy Christmas food.54.

Christmas games: Get to know the new season of Christmas.55.

Christmas movie: Get into the holiday spirit with a Christmas movie.56.

Christmas game night: Have a Christmas game to entertain everyone in your family.57.

Christmas crafts: Make the holidays your own with Christmas crafts.58.

Christmas movies: Make your Christmas movies.59.

Christmas video game: Make Santa Claus your favorite character.60.

Christmas cake: Make an amazing Christmas cake for your Christmas party.61.

Christmas buffet: Take home the most delicious holiday treats for the festive season.62. Christmas

What to bring to the holiday season: 1.Holiday shopping: Buy a gift for someone you love.This means buying something to…

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