Places to Visit in Greece (what about the islands?)

Where is Greece?

How and where Greece is geographically located makes it possible for the country to have many places to visit for a wonderful holiday.

Greece is located in the southern and south-east part of Europe. The country is strategically located, particularly for sea and ocean adventures as it is being surrounded by the Aegean Sea to the East of the mainland, the Ionian Sea to the West, the Cretan Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to the South.

Greece boasts of having the longest coastline in the Mediterranean basin and the 11 longest coastline in the world. There are 227 inhabited islands in Greece while there are more islands uninhabited. Because of this, Greece is able to boast of many beautiful and interesting places to visit.

The geographical location of Greece brought about a perfect mixture of the Mediterranean and Europe which resulted in the beauty of many of the islands of Country. A visit to any of the islands always brings visitors back to nature and it’s always an unforgettable experience. Hence, if you visit Greece and do not step on the Islands, there is the likelihood of you being asked, what about the islands?

History of Greece

(Greek City State and Greek Mythologies)

Greek Goddess

A Greek goddess

Greece is a Country that is very rich in medieval and contemporary history. Almost every area of life and all aspect of human endeavor have a narrative in the ancient mythology. Nearly every activity in human existence have an expression in the ancient Greek mythology.

In ancient Greek mythology, there is usually a belief that there is god or goddess for all events and activities. Some common gods and goddesses and their area of responsibility are:

a.      Aphrodite – goddess of fertility, love and beauty

b.      Cupid – the god of erotic desire that is the son of Venus, the goddess of love

c.      Venus – the goddess of love

d.      Mars – the god of war, the husband of Venus and father of cupid

e.      Vanessa – from phanessa is a baby meaning butterfly and is the goddess of an ancient Greek brotherhood.

f.        Athena – goddess of war


Place of Greece in Governance

The present world democracy have its root in the administration and governance of Greek city state of old. The ancient Greek city state is the first known democracy and this was based in Athens.

The system was called “demokratia” meaning “rule by the people”. It was a situation where people are called into an assembly of men, not younger than 30 years of age within a neighbourhood. These were the representatives of the people. Their responsibility was to deliberate on matters relating to the administration of their territory, and for the good of everyone, regardless of financial status. Membership is based purely on age and not on economic consideration.

In modern times, Greece has developed from the Athenian democracy to a more cosmopolitan and contemporary democratic arrangement. Presently, Greece is divided into nine geographic regions, namely, Macedonia, Central Greece, the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Epirus, the Aegean Islands, Thrace, Crete and the Ionian Islands.


Places to visit in Greece

The beautiful Islands of Greece

Focus here is to present the beautiful islands of Greece and their unique features. These unique features are the attractions that made Greece a wonderful destination.

The Island of Crete

Crete is the largest and most populous among the islands of Greece. Crete is located in the Aegean sea and has been credited to be the home of the first civilization in Europe. The Minoan civilization which precede others in Europe is also the first to build a palace. Crete is also mentioned in the Bible being one of the islands on the way to Rome from Jerusalem.

As it is with many of the Mediterranean islands, Crete had its fair share of invasions and domination by various powers from mainland Europe at different times and each occupier left legacies in architecture and culture on the island.

In many parts of Crete, there are remains of landmarks of past occupiers of the islands.

Places of interest to visit in Crete are:-


Also, called the Labyrinth is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site. It has been called Europe’s oldest city. It is located in Heraklion.


Elafonisi or the deer island is located close to the southwestern part of the island of Crete. This island is a protected nature reserve known for its pink sand beaches. Under a good weather, you can walk to the island through the shallow water.

Heraklion Archaeological Museum

The Heraklion archaeological Museum is located in Heraklion in Crete. Heraklion archaeological Museum has been claimed to be home to notable artefacts credited to the Minoan civilization. It ranks as one of the greatest museums in Greece. Aside from specially kept artefacts in the museum, there are 16 rooms of other collection of artefacts in the museum.



The Island of Corfu

This island is located on the Northwest coast in the Ionian Sea and is called the grand lady of the Ionian Islands. Corfu is the second largest island among the Greece islands. Apart from Corfu, its principal city, Corfu Island comprises other islands which include Ereikoussa, Mathraki and Othonoi. Corfu hosts the Ionian University.

From the medieval history to the contemporary world, Corfu has been a place rich in history of invasion and occupation by the German, Italian and British authorities at different times. There is the expression of these experiences all around Corfu where there exist edifices depicting the presence of one authority or another.

Archaeological remains of Palaiopolis, Kardaki Temple, Temple of Artemis, Temple of Hera, Tomb of Menecrates are places that are worthy of visitation in Corfu. Also, are Castles such as Palaio Frourio, Neo Frourio, Angelokastro, Gardiki Castle and Kassiopi Castle are places kept in good condition for the delight of the tourists.

Corfu boasts of different kinds of beaches filled with various kinds of bars, tavernas, shops and water sports. You can never be bored in Corfu.


The Aegean Islands

The Aegean islands are various islands of Greece that have Turkey as the east neighbour and mainland Greece on the West. They are today more known as the Archipelago. For administrative purposes, the Aegean Islands are divided into the North and the South, with Mytilene as the principal city for North Aegean and Ermoupoli for South Aegean.


The beautiful Santorini

Santorini is one of the Islands in the Aegean region and a sought after location for holiday makers.

Santorini is a perfect blend of the traditional and the modern.

Mainland Greece

Athens, Thessaloniki and Alexandreia (Alexandria)

As is common with many cities with ancient history, Athens, Thessaloniki and Alexandeia are cities with immense historical importance and relevance.

The Acropolis of Athens

This is the remains of several ancient buildings of great historical importance.

There is also the Acropolis museum which houses the findings from the remains of the acropolis.

The Parthenon is a restored ruin of an ancient temple.

The White Tower of Thessaloniki

History had it that the Tower was reconstructed during the Ottoman dynasty to fortify the city’s harbour. Incidentally the tower became a prison and a place of mass execution.

The White Tower is a museum today.


Alexandreia (Alexandria)

Alexandria is another fast developing city in the Macedonia region of Greece.

The Loudias River is a landmark that further establishes the place of Alexandria on the global map when it became a protected site.

Visa Requirement for Visitors to Greece

Because Greece is a member of the European Union, EU citizens are exempted from visa requirements. Visiting Greece for non-EU (European Union) requires some form of documentation. Greece is a signatory to the Schengen visa arrangement which allows holders to visit more than one country within the Schengen visa coverage.

Please check Here for your Country’s Visa requirement while making arrangements to go to Greece.

Flights to Greece

There are many airports scattered all around Greece and its many islands. When going to Greece, your flight should be booked depending on your first destination.

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Some popular airports are:-

Athens Airport

Chania Airport

Santorini Airport

Corfu Airport

Rhodes Airport

Zakynthos Airport

Mykonos Airport

Heraklion Airport

Thessaloniki Airport

From the airports, transport to the city or town centers are either by bus, taxis or car hire.



Airport Transfer

Hoppa drivers are always available to bring you from the airport to your hotel and also return you to the airport from the hotel at the end of your holiday.

Hoppa transfers services cover commuting from the hotel to events centres.

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Car Hire

Greece, particularly the major cities do not have a fantastic record of traffic decorum, therefore if you are driving in Greece, you may need to be extra cautious.

For travelers from Ireland and the UK, driving in Greece is on the right side of the road which is the opposite of what obtains at home.

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Places to stay while in Greece

There abound many lodging accommodation for travelers to Greece in most of the habitable islands and the mainland Greece cities.

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Boat Cruise around Greece Islands

Greece is huge for ferry and boat cruises because of the uniqueness of the country. This is where the question “how about the islands” emanates from. You may not enjoy Greece to the fullest if your visit do not include ferrying to some beautiful islands of Greece.

Let’s Ferry offers cruises that crisscross the islands. Ferry services are also available to connect between Greece (and its islands)and many other parts of the Mediterranean and Europe.


Multi Currency Borderless Account

You will need to change money to the Euro currency if you are visiting Greece from any Country that is not within the Euro Currency zone.

Most times there is the hassles of transferring and/or changing money at high inter-bank rates with delays.

To avoid these and have more control over your money while on holiday, opening a multi-currency borderless account HERE will be a wonderful idea.

Eating in Greece

In Greece, there are restaurants and bars serving both traditional cuisine and contemporary menus.

There are menus that are traditionally Greece and are very peculiar to the Greeks. Among these are Moussaka, Gyros, Dolmades and the Greek Salad.

The Best way to enjoy the beautiful Islands of Greece

If you have 7 days holiday, before going, decide on at least three of the islands that you are going to visit and possibly spend a night on. You may want to book your flight into Corfu or Crete. From either of these locations, then explore Greece.

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Please leave your comments and experience in Greece in the comments box below.



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