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The magic kingdom in Orlando, Florida, United States of America is a place where illusion is the reality and reality appears as an illusion. But before presenting the dazzling magic kingdom in Orlando, it may be necessary to make an attempt to know the city of Orlando (as it is officially called) and what makes Orlando what it is. Although Orlando is more known for the magic kingdom, but there is more to the city of Orlando than the magic kingdom in Orlando.

The City of Orlando

Just as many other cities in and around the United States of America, the history of the city of Orlando revolves around settlement and military establishment.  The city used to be called Jernigan being the name of the first permanent settlers in the territory, Isaac and Aaron Jernigan in 1843. The settlement grew steadily over the years to become a centre of attractions that it is today.

At present the city of Orlando ranked with Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami as one of the four largest cities in the state of Florida and has over 280,000 population.

Although Orlando is famous for the attractions, leisure places and showbiz generally, there are many other aspects of the city which the attractions have overshadowed.

Administration of the City Of Orlando

The City is administered by a governmental structure that have a Mayor as the head. With the Mayor are Commissioners with responsibilities for Districts within the city. The Mayor and the Commissioners form the City Council.

Administration of the city is divided into various sections as listed.

1. Executive Offices

2. Economic Development

3. Business and Financial Services

4. Families, Parks and Recreation

5. Fire Department

6. Housing and Community Development

7. Police Department

8. Public Works

9. Transportation

10. Welcome Orlando

For an more on these departments, check HERE



How to Enjoy your visit to the Magic Kingdom with less money

One important fact that is common with anyone going to Orlando and any other holiday destination is how to spend less money yet have good value for whatever that is spent. Orlando has a number of Special Packages that I will tell you about, even before we get into other attractions.


Free Orlando VIP Shop & Dine 4 Less Card GOLD with Orlando Bookings over €500

This card come at no extra cost to you. Once you have booking in excess of $500, you will be entitled to the VIP Shop and Dine 4 Less Card Gold that is valid for 90 days.

The card gives you discount in many of Orlando shops and you get discount in 130 (One hundred and thirty) restaurants. Savings on these discounts can be up to 25%. One card is valid for 4 (four) persons and there is no limit to the number of times you use the card.

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Free Transport to LEGOLAND Florida

Free Transport to LEGOLAND Florida

This is a 2 days FREE coach transfers to LEGOLAND® Florida from Orlando when you purchase a LEGOLAND® Florida Ticket.

When you book your LEGOLAND® Florida tickets with Attraction Tickets Direct, you will receive up to 2 days FREE coach transfers to LEGOLAND® Florida aboard the LEGOLAND® Florida Shuttle from Orlando to LEGOLAND® Florida for each member of your party.  The free shuttle ticket will be sent together with your LEGOLAND Florida Tickets

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Main Attractions in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando

The Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney World Resort, also called Walt Disney World or Disney World, is an entertainment complex in a resort theme park with many attractions. There are basically six attractions within the Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park. I will give a brief introduction about each of them here.


1. The Magic Kingdom Park

The Magic Kingdom is the one and only place where illusions are as reality. It is where you come in contact with once-upon-a-time. In the Magic Kingdom a make-believe is made real.

One of the unique features of the magic kingdom park is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This Roller Coaster is located in the new fantasyland within the Magic Kingdom and Its theme is based on one of the Disney’s most enduring and popular animated films.

Magic Kingdom Park

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train of swinging coasters which sways from side to side during rides. There is also variable speed vehicles that allow the Train to slow down and speed up where and when necessary.

Unexpectedly, a surprise awaits the guests towards the end of the ride.


2. Epcot


Epcot is a traveling in time and space experience. As you will be going out of this world, you will also be travelling around the globe.  It is always ever changing and quite entertaining.



3. Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park presents to you animal adventures. You will be able to explore the world of different creatures co-existing in our habitat.


4. Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios Encounter the thrills

Yes, you are a star. This is the feeling you get in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is a world of complete glamour. Just for you to walk into.



5.  Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park 

The Blizzard Beach Water Park has been described as slushy and slippery water park where you enjoy the fun of water parks. This is also called a chill out zone or melt-away bay.



6.  Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Great fun for kids, teens and family. The Typhoon Lagoon water Park is where you can dive into the waves. There are water slides and Surf pool waves to enjoy in the Water Park. You can also learn to surf in the regular waves of the lagoon.



Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort™

There are three parks with four leisure experiences in the Universal Orlando Resort. These are Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Island of Adventure, Universal Volcano Bay and Universal City Walk which is a great place to eat.

Within the Universal Orlando resort, your experience begins with the next generation of entertainment to the island life of the Volcano Bay.


Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove® Orlando

At the Discovery Cove, you and your family can touch and swim with dolphins. The two Discovery Cove packages have both Dolphin and Non-Dolphin swim attractions.

When you join the SeaVenture at the Discovery Cove, you will have an exciting underwater walking tour through the Grand Reef. This gives you the opportunity to have a colourful view of the shark and many aquatic animals

One great thing with the Discovery Cove is the Laguna Grill where you can have a sumptuous buffet meal or continental food.

The Discovery Cove ultimate package comes with free parking.



Kennedy Space Centre

Kennedy Space Center

Situated about 40 – 60 minutes drive east of Orlando, the Kennedy Space Centre offers near real life experience of the space technology.

The Kennedy Space Centre offers great fun for all the family and it is difficult to forget.

The Centre brings you to the world of the astronauts with a climb aboard the replica of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Capsules. You can also view the most powerful rocket ever built, the gigantic 111 Metre Saturn V Moon Rocket.

More that the Astronaut’s experience, the Kennedy Space Centre Bus Tour offers you an up-close drive-by view of a rocket launch pad.



LEGOLAND Florida Resort

LEGOLAND® Florida Resort

Purposely built with the kids in mind, LEGOLAND Florida Resort boasts of over 50 Rides, Shows, Attractions, Slides and Splashes in a five acre water park. Kids and teens are in for a never-to-be-forgotten fun holiday in LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

Aside from the fun rides and slides, guest at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort are treated to Multiple “4D” movies and meet-and-greet with characters from “The LEGO Movie”.



Orlando Hot Air Balloon Flight

60 Minutes hot air balloon flight over Orlando at Sunrise. Choice of this time is the fantastic scenery you get at that time of the day when you glide over Orlando’s forests, waterways and theme parks.

There is an opportunity for you to join in building the hot air balloon before the flight and also a champagne toast upon landing to celebrate your amazing adventure.

Booking for Orlando Hot air Balloon Flights over $500 qualifies you for a Free Orlando VIP Shop & Dine $ Less Card GOLD



Orlando Sports Ticket

It is not all about expeditions and waterparks in Orlando.  Sports loving guest can pre book tickets for the Orlando sport events which include, Orlando Magic NBA, Orlando Magic Basketball and Orlando City Soccer.


The Magic Kingdom Tickets

Attractions Ticket Direct made it easy for you to obtain tickets for individual attractions as shown on their pages.

You may obtain a combination ticket for different attractions. This combination ticket allow you to visit different parks in Orlando. For the combination tickets, terms and conditions, go to Orlando combination ticket packages.



Visiting Orlando – Documentation

If you intend to visit Orlando, it will be necessary to check the visa entry status of your Country into the United States of America.

Please check HERE for your visa requirement.

For citizens of Countries eligible for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), you can make your application HERE

Visiting Orlando – Flights

There are three airports in and around the city of Orlando.

1. Orlando International Airport with airport code MCO 

This is a major public airport located six miles southeast of Downtown Orlando, Florida, United States. In 2018, MCO handled 47,696,627 passengers, making it the busiest airport in the state of Florida and the tenth-busiest airport in the United States. This is the most popular airport for visitors to the city of Orlando.

2. Orlando Executive Airport 

Orlando Executive Airport is a public airport three miles east of downtown Orlando, in Orange County, Florida. It is owned and operated by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and serves general aviation

3. Orlando Sanford International Airport

Orlando Sanford International Airport is in Sanford, Florida, near Orlando. It was built as Naval Air Station Sanford, a Master Jet Base for carrier-based attack and reconnaissance aircraft until 1969. The airport is owned and operated by the Sanford Airport Authority

For flights into any of the airports in Orlando compare fares and make your booking HERE.


From the Airport to the City of Orlando

Enjoy the wonderful services of efficient Hoppa drivers for your airport transfer from any of Orlando’s airport to the city and back to the airport at the end of your holiday.

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Commuting around the City of Orlando

There is the public transport which comprise of buses, train and trams. The management of the city is making concerted effort to ease commuting in Orlando by providing services and assist in the provision of transportation services as much as can be done. Hereunder are some of the services available for commuting in Orlando.

1. The LYNX Bus Services that provides transportation services throughout the city and some adjourning counties.

2. The SUNRAIL and the Brightline are commuter rail services throughout the City and some nearby locations. The services of SUNRAIL is in operation. Brightline, which is expected to extend further to Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach will commence soon.

3. Lymmo Downtown Circulator. This is a fare-free circulator for residents and visitors. It operates on four different routes. It is basically to provide quick and convenient access to restaurants, retail outlets and entertainment.

Car Hire in Orlando

For your comfort and some adventure on a memorable visit to the City of Orlando, you may hire a car from the airport and cruise around the city. It will be important that you familiarise yourself with the regulations for parking, etc in Orlando if you will drive around the city. For car hire please check HERE with the world’s biggest online car rental service.



Places to stay while in Rome

Although there are lodging facilities in almost every part of Orlando, but because most visit to the city is about the magic kingdom, many visitors prefer places around the attractions.

Regardless of where you decide to stay in the city, booking.com  offers accommodation that will be in line with your budget.


Multi Currency Borderless Account

If you are visiting the magic kingdom in Orlando from a non-US location, you will need to change money to the US dollars.

Most times there is the hassles of transferring and/or changing money at high inter-bank rates with delays.

To avoid these and have more control over your money while on holiday, opening a multi-currency borderless account HERE will be a wonderful idea.

As you start planning your visit to the magic kingdom in Orlando, check HERE for your holiday essentials.



Final Word

The magic kingdom in Orlando is one of the places in the world that one must visit, at least, once in a lifetime. There is just so many attractions that will give a lifetime experience.


I will be grateful if you will share your experience in the box below. Also, your comments about the content in the post will be appreciated.




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