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My name is Segun Osisanya.

Are you looking for a great holiday destination?


Probably you don’t know the location of a place you have heard about.


Is getting to the place a concern?


How about what to do while you are on holiday?


I am here to help!




Yes, help, by bringing to you information about great destinations, events and activities in those locations and many other interesting ideas about a great holiday.


I welcome you to the allaboutholiday website. This  website is specifically created with an original intention of helping people live life to the fullest by offering pieces of advice for goodly living.

Our particular interest is in holiday and leisure. Through this website, I will be promoting holiday and many other complimentary services that will make your holiday a memorable one.

I will, as well, be promoting products and services tailored to ease the hassles associated with going away on vacation.


I am equally available to offer you suggestions and pieces of advice on holiday destinations, locations, services, events and activities that can make your holiday a fantastic one.


Please contact me by email or a comment on any of the pages if you want an opinion. This service is FREE as it is a personal opinion that you may or may not use.


I sincerely request that you explore a good number of the posts on the site while you are here. Each page is unique in its offer and if you do not get what you want in one, you may be lucky in the next.

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Many thanks to you for your time.

Segun Osisanya